Raising the Bar on Patient Satisfaction

My days consist of many meetings.  Some great, some not-so-great.  I want to tell you about one of my favorites.
Almost one year ago Carol Gugerty and I started meeting on a monthly basis with the Directors of all departments that are part of our patient satisfaction survey.  This group now includes OB, Med/Surg, the Emergency Department, OP Surgery, Medical Imaging, Rehab Services, and Home Health.  Sandy Thompson participates in the meetings representing Guaranteed Services. Julie Mann recently began joining the group to provide an additional administrative perspective.
We review the latest patient satisfaction results showing time periods of the last two weeks, the last month, the last quarter, the prior six months and year-to-date.  We focus on trends and movements within the statistics.
None of that makes it one of my favorite meetings.  What leaves me amazed every time is the passion and energy shown by our department leaders.  We talk about what we are doing in our departments to exceed patient expectations.  AIDET, follow-up phone calls, key words at key times.  We share innovative staff activities centered around serving our patients.
The best part is the stories.  I have the opportunity to hear about moments when the efforts of our staff change the lives of a patient and their family. 
You see it’s not about the numbers.  It’s about making a difference.  It’s about putting the members of the KSB Family in a position to reduce anxiety and reveal their own personalities, resulting in a positive patient experience.
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