Dixon Main Street Lunch & Learn

I have the pleasure of bragging about all of you and the amazing work you do this week at a community presentation for Dixon Main Street at their monthly Lunch & Learn. I thought you might be interested in a sneak preview of my notes:

· CEO transition on April 1. I became the 23rd CEO since 1897

· Community’s first choice for health services

· Focus on the Patient Experience

· Completion of a 30,000 sq. ft., $16 million addition scheduled to open in September. Open house Sept. 18

· The new addition brings the total of KSB Property Holdings in multiple communities to around 600,000 square feet

· Employment of 65 physicians in multiple specialties with ongoing recruitment success

· 85th percentile in overall patient satisfaction

· Quality levels exceed the 96th percentile

· 1,100 employees with an average tenure of just under 10 years.

· Over $72 million paid in salaries and benefits in 2010

· About 560 KSB employees work downtown and shop and eat downtown making us a cornerstone of the Main Street District

· KSB wrote checks for over $545,000 in 2010 to businesses with a 61021 address

· KSB is a strong supporter and contributor to Dixon Main Street and the Riverfront. KSB VP Kevin Marx is the current Main Street President.

I get to the tell the story, but it’s all of you that make it happen. Thanks for all you do.

– Dave
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