“There are no exceptions…”

I received this letter in the mail and, with permission from the family, am passing it along to you. This is another piece of evidence in the long line of examples proving the meaningful work you do makes a difference in the lives of the patients and families we serve.


July 26, 2011
To Whom It May Concern:
I’d like to say a huge thank you to the KSB staff for the outstanding care my father John Phelps received at KSB. Unfortunately, we lost our father three weeks ago. We’d like you to know that he was treated like royalty while he was preparing for his trip to heaven.
Everyone that came into contact with our family was awesome! Although we don’t want to exclude anybody there are a few people that deserve recognition for the impact they made on our lives while we were at KSB for a week.
Rosie Eisenberg was not only a family friend but also our rock through dad’s hospital stay. When we couldn’t think clearly she was there by our side to offer assistance. Cindy Lauts was outstanding in caring for dad, very supportive and made sure we were all comfortable while waiting. Stephanie Deets was very kind to see if our family needed anything and always offered kind words. After test results came back and we had decisions to make, Kim Long took the time to explain to us about comfort care, what to expect and eased our concerns about dad’s suffering. I don’t know if we could have made the decisions we did without her guidance. Mary Eisenberg took great care of dad in his final hours and shared many kind words and hugs with us.
You should be very proud of all your employees. I believe they are, “angels” sent here from heaven to care for others. The heart they put into caring for others is beyond any explanation.
Please thank everyone at KSB for their kindness. Housekeeping, dietary, maintenance, x-ray, lab, respiratory, emergency room, nursing, doctors, there are no exceptions; everybody was very respectful and helpful. I am proud to say my father was well taken care of at KSB Hospital.
Rosemary Buckley (Phelps) & Family
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