Teamwork Shines During Power Outage

After this morning’s quick and wild thunderstorm, much of downtown Dixon–including KSB Hospital, Commerce Towers, and Town Square Centre–lost electricity for almost four hours.  Of course the critical systems in the hospital have emergency generator backups that allow for normal functioning in places like surgery and the ICU. But many offices and departments were met with darkness, no air conditioning, and computer and equipment outages.  And as many employees noted, one other critical system was also down: the coffee makers.
We didn’t have much of an idea how long we’d be without power, so we mobilized several groups of people and addressed issues as they arose.  The Nursing staff visited patients, brought water and ice, and reassured them that we’d be there to take care of anything they needed.  Folks in Plant Ops and Housekeeping were quick to respond to problem areas and fix whatever could be fixed.  Our interns escorted guests on the one working elevator and delivered dozens of cups of coffee from McDonald’s to staff and visitors.  People from several departments took the initiative to stand near entrances and walk patients and visitors to their destination.  Dietary and Administration worked together to order and serve more than 350 sandwiches from Subway and Jimmy John’s over the lunch hour.
All in all, we took a challenging situation and delivered the same kind of excellent patient care we’ve become known for.  Thank you to everyone who pitched in and adapted to the circumstances.  
Your teamwork and positive spirit make KSB the best place for patients to receive care, the best place for employees to work, and the best place for physicians to practice medicine.
  • Daniel & Leslie Mann
    Posted at 12:51h, 12 July Reply

    Hi Dave,

    We really appreciated your generosity by providing free lunch to us yesterday. An awesome variety of sandwiches from two great sandwich shops with chips and a drink too! You really came to dietary’s rescue while going above and beyond to provide for your employees.

    Just wondering though… do you feel like Mother Nature is hazing you a little? There have been two massive weather systems through our area significantly affecting operations at KSB since January 2011. As if there weren’t enough challenges getting acclimated to the new role, you’ve been dealt a couple huge curveballs along the way. Dave, you hit them both out of the park. You saw that patients and staff were both cared for in these situations without missing a beat. We’re proud to work for you at KSB.

    Daniel and Leslie Mann

  • Robert Dunbar
    Posted at 14:20h, 12 July Reply

    I second the vote of appreciation. Thanks, David.

  • Pam Shore
    Posted at 17:43h, 12 July Reply

    Dave – I wholeheartedly agree. Not only free lunch, but there were also free items for breakfast as well. I am definitely glad I work with the KSB Hospital FAMILY and have you at the head of that wonderful family.

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