A New Look (Again & Again)

Here it is! A fresh coat of paint on The Pulse and a new look to commemorate the 50,000th visitor to this employee-centered blog.

You waited a year for this new design, but the idea behind this reconfiguration is that you’ll never have to wait that long again.  This new blog design will get a brand new background every week or so–some will be holiday themed, some will be seasonal, some will relate to a major event or celebration, and some will just be picturesque scenery. 

As always, the purpose of this blog is to communicate between all employees. If you have a suggestion or request, please share it! Your feedback and collaboration is critical to a successful organization.

Oh yeah–we also have a few prizes to give away! Our comment contest for the 50,000th visit drew 21 great comments about what makes KSB Hospital unique (read them here).

The winners are…
$50 Gift Certificate to the KSB Gift Shop: Lanetta Whitlock
$25 Gift Certificate to the KSB Gift Shop: Robert Dunbar
$10 Gift Certificate to the KSB Gift Shop: Deb Bryan

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