I Am Your Patient

This letter was first shared with the KSB Hospital crowd in May 1983, and the message still rings true today. Let’s make a special effort to remember the patient’s perspective this week.

– Dave
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  • Mary Sanders
    Posted at 18:09h, 26 September Reply

    This article could have been written by me prior to my one and only hospital stay in 1995. I was scared and thought I would only be in the hospital three days and it turned into seven. I was not a good patient. I was moody, grumpy and all because I didn't want to be at the hospital-I wanted to be at home.

    I was a patient here at KSB and the nurses were kind and patient with me. One even made me tea and sat with me while I cried. She made me feel important by caring.

    After I left the hospital I realized what a horrible patient I had been and sent a note to the nurses on the 4th floor to thank them for their care and kindness. I vowed then to try to be a better patient if I ever found myself in that situation again and thankfully I have never had to find out if I could keep that vow.

    You really never know what it is like to be a patient till you wear those shoes. Thanks for sharing the article.

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