An Important Announcement

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As much as all of us don’t want to think about it Carol Gugerty is reaching the end of her career at KSB.  Later this year Carol will retire after many successful years as the executive leader of our Nursing Division, and all of us continue to benefit from the improvements she has led.
I’m excited to announce the newest member of our Administrative Staff.  Linda Clemen, RN, MS, CEN has accepted our offer to join the KSB Family.  Linda has a distinguished healthcare career and currently serves as the Executive Director of Critical Care, Emergency & Trauma Services, Hyperbaric Center, Life Flight and Inpatient Cardiovascular Units for Iowa Health in Des Moines, Iowa.
I guarantee her new title will be shorter than the current one.
As is our practice you heard it here on The Pulse first.  Look for additional details in the weeks to come.

– Dave

4 Comments on “An Important Announcement”

  1. Wondering if the hospital would ever consider turning Peds into a women's and children unit and allowing us to take women surgicals or inpatients. Changing the name of the unit would make the women that come here more comfortable and would allow peds nurse to get there hours. This is what many other hospitals have done in order to bring in patients and allow the peds unit to make profit for the hospital.

  2. Great news! Linda sounds great; she will be a great addition to the KSB family — congratulations to all. And with a name like that, just can't go wrong!

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