The Value of a Smile

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Reading through this week’s Connection I was reminded of KSB’s most important competitive advantage:  our people and their smiles.
Our graduating residents made mention of their first impressions of our organization, and that included warm eye contact and abundant smiles.  I get that a great deal from friends and colleagues from other healthcare organizations that visit KSB. It makes a difference and moves us towards our goal of reducing anxiety for our patients and their families.
As always, “It’s The People” that deliver world-class patient encounters.  Thanks for all you do.


One Comment on “The Value of a Smile”

  1. I can't agree more! The "smiles" were what originally drew me to wanting to work at KSB five years ago and one of the reasons I continue to enjoy being part of the KSB team. I can't believe what a difference it makes as I can attest to being at hospitals where the employees don't smile or interact with you. Keep up the good work KSB Smiles!

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