National Food Day Quiz

Kale; 2) Parsnip; 3) Red Pepper; 4) Broccoli; 5) Eggplant; 6) Zucchini;
7) Carrot; 8) Brussel Sprouts; 9) Sugar Snap Peas; 10) Acorn Squash;
Bonus) Tulip Bulb

Winners, out of 43 total participants:
Melanie Rick, Barb Morehead, Dr. Risha Raven, Angie Shugars; Nichole
Duffy.  Barb Morehead was the only winner to correctly identify the
bonus item.


Today is National Food Day, and to mark the occasion, I invited Carrie Grobe to test your knowledge here on The Pulse!

– Dave

Carrie Grobe, Wellness Dietitian
If you’ve visited the cafeteria, you probably noticed the table full of vegetables in the corner.  If a few looked familiar, you ought to enter the contest.

Look at each vegetable, labeled by number, and email the name of each to me at or go to the cafeteria and fill out a paper form to enter the contest.  You could win one of five wellness prizes–Good Luck!

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