Random Thoughts From A Big Week

Many great things are going on at KSB, and a number of those rose to the surface last week.
The crowds were excellent at the Mt. Morris Clinic Open House.  Our staff were there in full force and attentive to the interested locals that wanted to walk through KSB’s newest acquisition.  Special thanks to Dr. Reckamp and Dr. Gumbiner for stopping by to wish Dr. Shepherd well. Also special thanks to Kevin Marx who has tirelessly “Sheparded” us through this complex partnership (insert groan here).
What can you say about Sunday’s Emergency Department/Outpatient Surgery Open House other than WOW!  Most of us were very surprised by the number of community members that wanted to see our new space.  For those of you not able to make it the line extended across the new ED parking lot for most of the three hours.
I had the opportunity to wander around and see and hear the comments.  Let’s sum it up by saying they were overwhelmingly over-the-top impressed. The looks on the faces of those were served were incredibly inspirational.
And I was over-the-top impressed with all of you.  The knowledge and enthusiasm shared by our team about their areas of expertise made me very proud.  As I said in my formal comments, the bricks and mortar are wonderful, but IT’S THE PEOPLE that make this place rock.
In addition to all of this we have some very special news you’ll be hearing about within the next couple of weeks.  How’s that for a teaser???
Thanks for all you do for our patients and their families every day!

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