Teamwork Enables Smooth Transition

Carol Gugerty wanted to share this special thank you with everyone who has played a role in the Surgery/ED addition and Open House. Your positive attitude and teamwork did not go unnoticed!

– Dave 

Carol Gugerty, VP/Chief Nursing Officer

I would like to recognize and thank all of the nursing staff who were involved in the opening of our new patient care areas. After the exciting Sunday Open House we got down to the task of actually offering these services to our patients. The new area meant a change in the routine we were most comfortable with from registration to actual care. We had to re-learn some of our most basic patterns. It affected all of the nursing care areas. Items were in different areas and the halls much longer! Everyone worked together to provide a smooth transition. We arrived early those first days and stayed late. Everyone said the same thing “this is wonderful”. Our patients loved it too, especially the private rooms and the easy flow from the beginning of their experience to discharge. This is another example of the dedication of KSB Hospital to helping the community in a time of need.

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