Coming Soon: 2011 Employee Meetings

The annual Employee Meetings will begin December 6th. Your Administrative team is working hard to prepare a meaningful, informative event.

Here’s where you come in. I want you to tell me what you want to know. Is there something you always wanted to ask but never have? Are you confused about something going on in the organization, or the direction we are headed?

All questions will be answered either during the meeting or in a follow-up post here on The Pulse.

Use the form button below and ask a question. Be sure to include your name–since we won’t have time to answer all these questions during the employee meeting, we’ll be sure to get back to you in response to your question.

The employee meetings are for you. Help us to make them valuable.

UPDATE: Thank you for submitting your comments and questions. Your questions will be grouped into categories and answered in a series of posts over the next month, right here on The Pulse. Thanks again for your questions and comments!

What are the short-term and long-term plans for the area recently vacated by they OPS department on 3rd floor?

Has administration considered putting primary care clinics in Forreston, Milledgeville, Sterling, Rock Falls, Ohio, Harmon, Sublette, Mendota, Rochelle, La Moille, or Princeton? There is a lot of opportunity for growth in those communities.

About the old retirement plan ,why haven’t we heard anything about that for all these years and why don’t you start moving it to our current plan so we know what we have coming to us.

Why can’t Med/Surg have a break room?

When will the hospital start working on medication scanning and computer order entry (CPOE)?

When will we get to find out the results/outcomes of the employee survey that we took a few months ago?

What will be going into the area where Patient Financial Services is moving from in Commerce Towers?

Is it possible to have a system to pay for lunch like the schools use, a debit account system linked to our employee name badge? We could add money to the account then just swipe our badge to pay for meals in the cafe.

I would like to see more selections of eyeglass frames, including sunglasses, from Dr. Lawless’s office.  When you go to TSC, you see the unused eyeglass frames just sitting on  the shelf and no one is available to help you. What will happen to that stock? Would it be possible for KSB employees to buy these items? The 20% KSB employee discount is appreciated, however, it would be nice to have more choices for everyone’s different budgets.

Why can’t we have sick leave instead of using PDLs ?

Bereavement days are not enough to cover preparations for visitations, burial, etc. Is there any plan to change this?

Can we use the old ER entrance (close to the basement) for employee entrance? It would be beneficial for employees who are “older” or with other medical problems specially during winter.

Would you ever consider opening Peds for employees kids that are sick so they can come to work?

Has the administration considered setting up some kind of snack bar again? Might it be possible to find room for a small snack bar/cafe in Commerce Towers?

Are there plans to redo the bathrooms in the basetment to reflect the other remodeling that has happened?  When you walk into them, they are dingy, dirty, stinky and very depressing.

KSB is excellent about helping their employees with child care costs. With the price of child care going up, has KSB thought about bumping the $25 per child up?

One of the questions I see posted is the one about using the old ER entrance.  I believe if it were to be used again, (if at all), it would only be for ER employees only, due to privacy reasons.  But all in all, I do not believe it should be used as entrance, but only as an emergency exit.  But I do have a question along the lines of this issue anyway.  Other than the Main hospital entrance, the ER entrance is the next popular one that employees, patients and visitors use.  My concern is the sloped parking lot of ER and just outside of it – I’m afraid it will become an ice rink, ie freezing rain.  We no longer have parking lot attendants to help monitor it.  Just was wondering what your thoughts were on it.  Those of us who work down here in ER park underneath the parking deck and walk downhill towards the ER parking lot, then uphill to the entrance.  Like I said it’s used quite frequently.  The issue is a bit of a buzz down in the ED, even had one of the docs ask about it.  Thanks for any input you have!

In regards to hospice — which was supposed to be a combining of hospices, it appears KSB and Dixon lost.  If it were a combining, where is the satellite office?  Why were the employees not all absorbed into the Oregon facility? I feel it was/is a great disservice to the Dixon area as this is the second hospice which has abandoned the town. (and if there is a great touchy/feely program this was it) It was unfortunate for KSB and Dixon.

Could we please see how many total hours are in our Veba account on our Check stub?  I know the hours are rolled into it after 320 hours but I would appreciate a tally every check stub. Thanks!

what was the reason and what are the benefits from eliminating the holding area for surgery?

What were we to gain by eliminating the Holding area for preop patients in surgery?  Were we trying to eliminate some staff in the OR? This change has created a lot of surgery delays for surgeons and all OR staff.

Is there going to be the family issue addressed in outpatient surgery any time? The one person and must be older than 14 really upsets patients who are already anxious about surgery and then to be told that their wife and baby cannot come back with them because of the baby. That doesn’t seem to make us all about “the people,” it seems more like a surgery center, which is fine but it needs to be portrayed that way instead.

We have received complaints from patients and tenants at Town Square Centre about the appearance of the building on the outside.  The windows do not appear to be cleaned on a regular basis, there are cobwebs everywhere; it just looks dirty all the time.  I see the gentlemen from Plant Ops picking up garbage in the parking lots, but no one ever seems to clean off the building itself.  I can’t imagine the hospital would ever look like this.

I was just wondering who’s decision it was to implement only one person per patient with outpatient. If I were to have surgery I wouldn’t want to have to choose between my spouse and mother, or have to tell my spouse to stay home because of the children. I think we need to come to some sort of compromise. These people aren’t taking the day off just to have a day off, they are there for support for their loved one and I know any one of us would want support for our surgery.

Information is shared in the form of printed notes tacked up all over. Sometimes staff gets the information, sometimes they don’t. What is the likelihood of all staff members having access to OutLook and receiving all memos through e-mail? I have used this in the past and it is a very effective way for staff to receive the information they need.

Could we have a housekeeper on 11-7 shift everynite. We are  just as busy on weekends as we are during the week.

Is there any way to place a badge swipe to enter the front entrance at night? For those of us that have to arrive in the middle of the night, I dont feel safe walking around the building to gain entrance.

would there be some way of getting a day care in the hospital for all shifts. Not just for the sick kids but for anybody that might have a conflict with getting a sitter. exspecially for people on call who don’t have time to find some one short notice.

There should be some way to enter the hospital from the lower parking area, instead of going up et down the slope from ER dept. Patients, family et staff park cars there. Almost every year someone has fallen or close to it, including myself, esp during the winter.  Someone could get seriously hurt, then what, fix the problem afterwards. Kind of like shutting the gate after the cows are out.

Regarding the ER entrance being used by employees:  I, along with many others that I pass coming into and leaving work, use this entrance daily.  We have been using it since that area opened again.  I don’t know about the other employees, but I do not hear or see anything that is going on in the ER, or in the registration area, unless I walk over there to that area, which I don’t do.  I walk through to get into work, and walk through to leave for the day.  I don’t pay attention to what’s going on all the way over in the registration area, waiting room, ER (which I can’t see behind the closed double doors).  I have no need to be over there.  I do not see any difference in using the entrance now or using it before it was remodeled, it’s just a much larger space.  You can see the waiting room and the registration area now, that’s the same things you could see before.  And unless you are in the ER, or sitting in the entrance eavesdropping, you aren’t going to hear anything that you wouldn’t have heard before.  I’m sure that the visitors/patients in the waiting room can hear more that goes on in that area than anyone else that is just walking through.  To make this entrance an entrance for only a certain department is ridiculous.  There are a lot of employees that work in the basement level that do not work in the ER.

I just read all the GREAT questions. I also would like to know about our old retirement plan. I also think it would be great if we could see our hours in VEBA,on our pay stubs. And lastly,I think it would be great,if the cafertia had a new pay system. Thanks for your time.

Instead of having Christmas parties per dept, would you ever consider having a hospital-wide Christmas party as in years past. They were a lot of fun and it’s nice to celebrate the season with all employees.

could there ever be three payed holidays and not have to use our PDL

Would it be feasable to consider an on-sight fitness center for employees?  I have worked at facilities that had fitness centers and many employees would use them because of the convenience.

Any likelihood that the cafeteria will EVER utilize a badge or credit card sort of system ???  Would be so much easier to be able to put money on it via payroll deduct and not have to always worry about whether or not you have cash.

With all the construction and remodeling we have done and
are continuing to do is their any thought to maybe having some sort of
development committee with people from various departments being on it to
bounce feedback off of?  The construction
people do great work and the architect does nice designing it, but sometimes
things get overlooked and its especially noticeable to the people who are in
that specific area everyday, not the architect or construction company.  By the time they have a chance to review it,
its already done and too late to make changes.

The lighting underneath the parking deck is terrible. Are there any plans on adding more light fixtures to improve visibility?

(E. Byer): I think a daycare would be wonderful. CGH has a daycare for their employees to take their children to. Why don’t we? And not just for first shift,for all shifts. It seems that 2nd and 3rd shift seems to be forgotten about alot here.

(Emily Dempsey): I am very appreciative of being able to receive 60% of my pay when off on FMLA but why are you required to use 40% of your earned PDL to equal 100%?  I feel this should be a choice not a requirement.  I understand that you may be worried about employees taking a vacation with their PDL after they come back from FMLA but the director doesn’t have to approve the vacation if it would be a problem for the department.  I just don’t feel it’s fair to have my PDL wiped out and basically gone after I’m off for a medial reason.  I earned the PDL and should be able to decided whether I want 60% or 100% while I’m off.

(Laurie Regan): I am confused about our Non-Profit status as a business, when our annual report suggests we have a surplus of money and operate in the black.  When I worked at a non-profit in a former job, we had to use all the money we earned or received the same year, and not roll over and over and maintain a balance.  I consistently hear that KSB has to cut back and make concessions to break even and that we are broke, and our numbers are down and income has slacked off. I cannot make sense of that information when I see a financial statement that reports a surplus of money. Can you explain?

(N. Duffy): Could we consider a grill or something like it in the cafeteria? I use to work at CGH and have been to so many other hospitals and they all have short order grills that are open when the main line isn’t and is so nice to have. Thanks

(Teresa Strum): This is more of a comment than question. Some of the questions are in regards to PDL. I view the PDL system as a huge benefit to KSB employees. Most other vacation/sick pay/Holiday systems do not allow you to carryover time to the next year. With the PDL system if an employee knows that they will need surgery or time off, we have the ability to save some PDL into the next year. We also have the ability to donate PDL if we choose not to use it for vacation. My vote is to keep the PDL system and the flexibility it allows employees. Great idea to create a forum to post questions for the Employee Meetings!

(Becky Duffy): Why is it not first come first serve for underneath parking at tsc?

(Heather Walden): Will there be any changes to our yearly performance reviews this year in June/July?

(Wendy Faley): My question pertains to the signage for our new registration areas in the hospital.  There are several patients stopping in on a daily basis confused as to where to go for testing and surgery.  While I realize this is a new change and there are bound to be people wondering where to go for a while, they are also frustrated and tell me “we need to have signs”!  Well, there are signs around but maybe we should re-evalute their placement.  Is there a chance that the 3 main entrances (not including ER) could state something more specific than simply “entrance”?  That alone may alleviate some of the confusion. Everyone would benefit including employees, as occasionally they stop in wondering where to go as well.

(Joanne Bott): I noticed the omission of the financial information at
the meeting. It would be nice to get some information, with all of the rumors
that are going around.
Also, when will registration be getting electronic
signatures to get rid of all of the paperwork?
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