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I asked Aaron Fox to share some information on a new project we’re undertaking in 2012. It doesn’t have a name yet, but if you read through this post, you’ll see that’s where you come in.

– Dave 
Aaron Fox, Director of Safety and Property Management
Beginning in 2012, KSB Hospital will launch a new initiative designed to “enhance the health of our community”, as our mission calls us to do.  This initiative, which you’ll help name, will work with community agencies, schools, and local employers to offer wellness services throughout our service area. These services include things like blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, nutrition and healthy lifestyle classes, and walking clubs and fitness activities. 

This department will serve people of all ages, from school kids to families to retirees. It will work closely with community agencies to identify and address the health needs of our community. The department will be funded by community donations and with support from KSB Hospital.

But we still need a name!  Give us your idea below–three finalists will be chosen and win KSB apparel, and one winner will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to the KSB Gift Shop. Your responses will be held privately, so you don’t have the urge to piggy-back off another idea!

UPDATE (Thursday, 4:09 PM): Wow! We’ve had 51 entries so far–some great ideas from some very creative folks!  There’s still time to add your idea to the contest!
UPDATE x2 (Monday, 9:14 AM): We’re up to 91 unique entries!
UPDATE x3 (Tuesday, 9:33 AM): The contest is now closed. Thanks to all of you who submitted your ideas. We had 105 entries! Finalists will be announced in the coming weeks.


1) The name must begin with KSB, i.e. “KSB Bureau of Fun Contests”
2) See Rule #1

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