Payroll Challenge

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Last week some of us didn’t have our paychecks properly deposited. I learned a great deal about our organization during this challenging situation.

I learned, once again, how much our Administrative Team cares for our KSB family.

I also learned how fortunate we are to have Suzanne Ravlin and Karen Suik as part of our Leadership Team. I watched as they worked through every one of the challenges that arose from the bank processing error.  In the end, their commitment to finding a solution for even the most unpredictable problems led to the best possible outcome for each of us in the KSB family.

Good work Suzanne and Karen. Thanks for being there.

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  1. I would like to comment on how excellent the employees of KSB handled this hurdle also. Being a part of payroll receiving calls/emails from concerned employees, everyone was so understanding. I wish to thank everyone for their support starting with the concerned employee to the administrative level. As always, I am proud to be a part of this family, especially after this experience.

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