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We just wrapped up the last of the three annual employee meetings at the Dixon Theatre. Thank you to the hundreds of employees who attended. We celebrated some exciting awards, looked at lots of green arrows showing a strong 2011, and set challenging goals for ourselves in 2012.  We also said goodbye to Dr. Michael Wessels and CNO Carol Gugerty, and heard touching remarks from each of them about their careers in medicine and why our work is so important.  
To recap this year’s meeting, I wanted to post a photo of Carol Gugerty sharing stories and lessons from her long career in nursing, and I asked Dr. Wessels if I could share his meaningful remarks here on The Pulse.
Over the next several weeks, you’ll also see answers to many of the questions you asked on The Pulse and a recap of the questions you brought up during the meetings. We want to be sure to communicate effectively with you, and these Q&A sessions are a good opportunity to do just that.
– Dave
Carol Gugerty, Chief Nursing Officer, reflects on her career in nursing as she retires.

Michael J. Wessels, DPM
I was in the cafeteria the other day and I saw written  on the newly painted wall, our KSB missionstatement.  “To restore, maintain, andenhance health by providing superior care now and in the future.”   It has been my observation over the last 25years that this is exactly what we do. Each of you, in your own position and in your own way provide thatsuperior care.   Our motto remains “It’sthe People”.  
The Board of Directors, the Physicians and PhysicianAssistants, the nurses and nurses aids, the medical and surgical assistants,the IT staff, the secretarial and support staff, plant operations andhousekeeping, the lab and radiology technicians, the rehab and respiratoryspecialists, the food service staff, the material managers, the pharmacists,the administration, the valets, the volunteers, the clergy.  Every department. Every employee.  You ARE the people.  YOU make KSB different.  YOU make KSB special.  You are all GIFTED CARE GIVERS.  Every one of you.
But you must understand that you are not only one of thegifted but one of the chosen.
Allow me to be philosophical.
I want to share something with you that may alter yourperception of your function here at KSB.  I want you to look at your position as a beautiful gift – a gift of themost precious of commodities – a nearly unequaled gift to interact withanother’s humanity.
Every day of your KSB life, you are reminded of the essence,the truth of the human spirit.  We are atour most human when we are vulnerable – when the shields and pretenses havebeen let down because we are scared or ill or in pain.  To be allowed to view another’s vulnerabilityis a special gift.  To be allowed to viewanother’s vulnerability is to be chosen.  When we see another at their most vulnerable, human moment , we arefaced with our own fragile humanity.  Westand humbled in the presence of the awesomeness of our oneness with allcreatures who fear, who hurt.
When we turn on the nightly news, what is it that touchesus, that grabs at our heartstrings, that puts a lump in our throats?   It’s not he point on the Dow Jones.  It’s not the wrangling in Congress of somebill.
No.   It’s the weepingparent at the funeral of a child gunned down by a fellow student.  It’s the agony on the face of a woundedsoldier.  It’s the grateful tears of aspared tornado victim.   Why?
Because we relate to their pain and their fear – because wehave know it ourselves and we see in those vulnerable faces the reflection of ourown – their humanity touches ours.
Never be afraid to show your humanity.  You are just a fellow traveler – likeme.   We come with fears and pains, anddoubts and insecurities like every other traveler.   And to be reminded of that fact – to touchour core, our spirit, our essence by being presented of a daily basis with thespirit, the core, the unguarded essence of a patient who is scared and hurtingand trusting us with their vulnerability is not only a gift from God – it isthe well-spring of all healing.   It isthe well-spring of all healing.
What makes KSB special?  YOU do.  Stand tall, standproud.  You are the people.    Your position here at KSB, no matter inwhat capacity, is caring for the human body.  But the body is only a means by which a soul ambulates on its path –it’s ailment impedes that journey.   Ourmission is to heal the body, to touch the soul, and for a brief moment, removethe obstacles from the path and make it velvet.
On behalf of the Medical Staff, thank you for what youdo.   Thank you for fulfilling ourmission.   Thank you for your superiorcare.
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  • Andrea Gomez RN
    Posted at 09:25h, 10 December Reply

    Can we consider some sort of snack bar for the night shift? We like lunch too! Trying to be healthy is hard to do if you happen to forget your lunch. Cups aren't even left out for us in the dining area.

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