Share a Story: Here for the Holidays

First of all, let me wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! KSB Hospital had a good year in patient satisfaction scores, quality of care, employee surveys, and organizational finances. You made the good performance possible, and you deserve a big thank you.
Another group of you deserve a special thank you: the folks who will work on Christmas and New Years. The nature of our work is that it’s a round-the-clock effort. I know we’d all like to be home with our family for the holidays, but the need for caring and compassionate staff doesn’t take days off.
Thank you very much to those of you who worked the holidays this year–your presence here helped make Christmas a little better for our patients and their families, who have to be both away from home and facing stressful medical issues during a time of traditional celebration and happiness.
Many of us have worked the holidays sometime in our career–do you have a favorite story from working over Christmas or New Years? Share it in the comment section below and check back on this post later to read about your coworkers memories and experiences.
Thank you for the excellent work you do every hour of every day–and happy holidays!


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