Dr. Lewis: “Let them know they are loved and appreciated”

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I received this letter from Dr. Lewis about the difference Respiratory Therapists make for our patients. The same can be said for so many other departments–thank you for your skill and compassion!
– Dave
Dear Dave:
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful it is that we have such a talented responsive, dedicated respiratory therapy staff. I just got off the phone with Chris, where I called her in the tech room of Respiratory Therapy and explained to her my thinking about a very difficult patient we have with an end stage cancer who has a permanent tracheostoma and is suffering an exacerbation of bronchitis and pneumonia. As I hung up after telling the RT that she had carte blanche to do anything she needed to do having first discussed about problems with the tracheostomas, needs for suctioning, dictates for various sorts of tracheostomy tubes, I reflected upon the fact that these people know so much, are so dedicated, so patient-care orientated that it really makes a tremendous contribution to the patient’s overall health. You know I have always been very much the champion of the nursing staff and support staff. It’s, in almost all cases, those people, not we physicians, who make the difference. Indeed, a physician could write orders and if he or she were dedicated enough and could learn enough to carry out those orders; but that would mean one patient being taken care of at a time and not very efficient for the general population. That being said, there are things that these nurses do, things that particularly these respiratory technologists do that I could never do. They have years and years of knowledge, years and years of insight and on those occasions when they recommend that something be added or changed, I always take their suggestion. 
Please pass this to their department, and if we could somehow do a “Well Done” to the entire department and have it posted, I would just love that. Too often the months and years roll by without adequate thanks being given. It would please me to put a smile on their faces and let them know they are loved and appreciated.
Don Lewis

4 Comments on “Dr. Lewis: “Let them know they are loved and appreciated””

  1. Well said, Dr Lewis, and I commend you for taking that one little moment to say "thank you" to a special person. Each day is a gift to use and you have done well with the gift!

  2. Thank you Dr. Lewis for your thoughtful observation! It is nice to be recognized for our efforts! We appreciate the responsibilities afforded to us by our physicians and patients!
    Jennifer MacDonald RRT/RCP

  3. I think it is wonderful when our doctors take the time to thank each of us, as this is not something that (I think) is very common elsewhere in our state and in the world. It is nice to be appreciated 🙂

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