The Significance of 71

What is the significance of 71?  The 20th prime number (yes)?   The algebraic degree of Conway’s constant (Yes, google it)?  The atomic number of lutetium (yes again)? The car driven by Bobby Labonte in NASCAR (yes)? The number of victories achieved by the Chicago Bulls in the 1995-96 season, an NBA record (nope, that’s 72)?
What is correct is that 71 is Thursday’s census.  According to historian Stephanie Wagner, who has seen a few high census figures in her 30+ year employment history at KSB, 71 represents the highest inpatient census since the late ’80’s.
I’m proud of all of you.  I’m confident of the quality care we continue to provide for each patient.  I’m thrilled with the “extras” you continue to give to every patient and their family members.
Thank you for making a difference, every day for every patient.
We can and are continuing to exceed expectations, even when things are extremely busy. 
Why?  Because we’re KSB Hospital, and that’s just what we do. Always.
– Dave
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