Celebrating Healthcare HR Week

I invited Suzanne Ravlin to share some information about Healthcare HR Week and the great staff we know in Human Resources here at KSB.

– Dave 

This week marks the first ever Healthcare HR Week, March 11-17. It’s a week dedicated to recognizing HR professionals from healthcare organizations across the US for the issues they face in talent management, such as sourcing patient-focused caregivers, compensation and benefits, employee relations, healthcare reform and more. We are so lucky at KSB to have such great employees.

You are our customers and we strive to have high satisfaction from all of you!

I thought it might be fun to get to know your KSB HR Staff a little more. Feel free to stop in Human Resources to find out the answers at each individual desk. At the end of the week we will post the answers on our OC HR page.

In our Department we have:

  • a Disney fanatic
  • Department Spoons (card game) Champion – (two years in a row)
  • An owner of a book signed by Albert Einstein
  • Someone who loves cooking at home, something learned at the fire station (hint)
  • A traveler who dreams of going all over the United States and to far away places like Australia and Switzerland
  • A celebrity gossip fan
  • An SEC fan and loves to color in coloring books
  • A fan of rock concerts and a big fan of playing with her grandsons
  • A person who watches Golf, Food Network, & Voice. Also the person is a great golfer and cook (not sure about singing)
  • A baker of the most amazing cookies and someone who can’t wait until the next season of Dancing with the Stars begins
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