“How To Lead A Department Meeting” by Val Pfoutz

One of the best parts of my job is the opportunity to sit in on various meetings that occur throughout the organization.  This morning I had the chance to join Val Pfoutz in her ICU staff meeting.
Here’s a sampling of some of the things that made this the perfect staff meeting:
  • Recognition of staff
  • Use of a pillar agenda (Service, Quality, People, Finance & Growth)
  • An educational event
  • Focus on safety
  • Focus on AIDET
  • Employee rounding accountability and actionable follow through
  • Post discharge phone calls
Whew!  All of this in a collaborative, positive, interactive environment… and finished in less than one hour.
THAT is how a staff meeting should be done.  For our leadership team, I urge you to give Val a call and discuss with her the strategy she uses, or better yet ask to attend one of her meetings as an observer.

Great job ICU team!

– Dave
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