No Email Day on Tuesday, March 27

KSB hospital management is taking part in an “E-mail Free Day” next Tuesday,
March 27. The purpose is to give management a chance to hone their communication
skills. Sometimes we find that it’s easy to fire off an e-mail or a text message
when the better communication method would be a personal visit or a phone call.
This exercise will serve as a reminder of the importance of personal
communications with our coworkers, customers and everyone that we do business
This means that you may have trouble
getting a response to an e-mail sent to a KSB manager on Tuesday. Please
understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. For urgent matters, you can
always contact us using the phone. (It’s that thing on your desk that you hear
ringing every once in a while). We might also suggest that you actually GO TALK TO THE PERSON.  Finally, rest assured that we will reply to your
e-mails starting on Wednesday.
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  • Vanessa Garcia
    Posted at 14:06h, 25 March Reply

    I think this is an excellent idea. March 27th will be a day of renewing those working relationships by "reconnecting" the old-fashioned human wiring to reinforce that KSB alliance :). Understandably, who has time for meetings anymore? So emails are nice and quick to shoot over to someone you need to connect with for a to-the-point issue.

    Tuesday will bring everyone out of their offices, milling around here and there – probably will see faces you don't ordinarily see. This will also strenthen our KSB camaraderie we have as well.

    Good idea Dave!

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