How Are We Doing?

Transparency is very high on the list of goals that Administration has on its to-do list for 2012.  One of the pillars of success for KSB Hospital is the finance pillar.
Through the first two months of the year your organization is operating at a profit of 5.4%.  This exceeds our Board of Directors goal of 5%. Our margin for the month of February was 4.1%.
Inpatient census year-to-date stands at slightly more than 3.6 patients higher as compared to this point in 2011. Patient encounters, a key indicator of activity in the outpatient setting and for the KSB Medical Group physicians, is approximately 6,820 visits more as compared to this point in 2011.  This represents  a 9.6% increase.
Thanks to everyone in the KSB family for your outstanding efforts in continuing to move us along in our journey to become a Top 100 Hospital!

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