“Outstanding Teamwork Between Departments”

Another great story of excellent patient service and What’s Right at KSB! Thank you for working hard every day to take great care of our community.

– Dave 

I wanted to recognize Cindy Arduini and Jackie Troutman for outstanding customer service on 2/3/2012.

Early in the week the girls caught a weird exam on their schedule for this day. They had been in touch with the ordering doctor and the radiologist early in the week about this patient. It was an exam none of us were familiar with. Cindy and Jackie took the initiative to research the exam days before the patient was scheduled. There was a book down on their cabinet they had been using.

On the day of the exam I was actually in CT with them, and we had all decided on a protocol hours before the patient even arrived. When the patient arrived at 1:00pm our schedule had gotten a little out of hand. There was an add-on inpatient heart, and add-on outpatient peds trauma, and ER patient. Jackie brought the thoracic outlet patient back. On the way down the hall Jackie discovered this patient was allergic to shellfish. Even with all the pending work, Cindy and Jackie decided to get this patient pre-medicated so her exam could be done as scheduled. While I entertained the patient, they called outpatient surgery and lined up someone to medicate this patient if they were able to get the orders.

Then they proceeded to find Dr. Strom. They called the office, called surgery, had him paged, and had him overhead paged. Dr. Strom showed up back in CT, and agreed to order immediate pre-medication for this patient. Jackie took her over to outpatient surgery and got everything set up over there. In the meantime Cindy and I squeezed the inpatient heart in with the help of the students transporting. When the thoracic outlet was medicated we did her exam and it turned out great.

We were able to get all our patients done and do the work station on two of the exams before 3:45. I think this story is WHAT’S RIGHT AT KSB! A patient that could have easily been rescheduled was able to still have her exam that day.

This was able to happen because of outstanding teamwork between different departments, our own department, and Dr. Strom. Outpatient was very accommodating to our needs, and Dr. Strom made a personal visit to us after being very hard to reach.

Most of all this started with Cindy and Jackie going out of their way to research this exam long before the scheduled appointment. That’s customer service girls!

  • Mary Sanders
    Posted at 19:00h, 16 April Reply

    Way to go Cindy and Jackie! You are definitely examples of What's Right in Healthcare at KSB! Keep up the great work!

  • Linda Mickelson
    Posted at 14:08h, 18 April Reply

    Thanks for sharing this letter. All of the techs involved, including Lacy, did a great job with this!


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