Remembering Dr. Khan

To the KSB family,

We begin this new week with heavy hearts following the sudden loss of our own Dr. Rifaqat Khan in a tragic accident on Friday afternoon. Of course, our thoughts and prayers are with the Khan family as they grieve.
Our first concern is to offer sympathy and support to Dr. Khan’s family. In accordance with the family’s wishes and religious customs, a visitation was held Saturday and the burial service took place Sunday.

With this unexpected tragedy and the timing of the services, we made our best attempt to share the information as it became available. An email was sent to all employees and information was posted in various spots online. We understand that some people weren’t aware of the plans and apologize for the difficulty to share information in this unique situation.

As we all feel sadness and grief over the loss of a friend and coworker, we can find sympathy and consolation among the KSB family. Rev. Vinnie Marrandino is visiting Dr. Khan’s coworkers at Edwards Clinic today and is available to talk with employees throughout the organization. You may also choose to use the Employee Assistance Plan services, which are available to all employees by calling 800-456-6327. Our Human Resources staff is also available to answer questions and assist you.
We’re working to notify Dr. Khan’s patients that we’re still here to care for them. His internal medicine partners Dr. Pranjal Agrawal and Dr. Adnan Muhsin, along with other members of the KSB Medical Group, have stepped up to help care for Dr. Khan’s patients. Later this week, a formal letter will go out to Dr. Khan’s patient panel to explain the options and provide for continuity of care.
As we share stories and memories of what Dr. Khan meant to all of us, remember that the entire KSB community grieves together. Our most sincere thoughts and prayers go to the Khan family, and to all of those who knew him as a friend and a colleague.
  • Teresa Gibson
    Posted at 16:12h, 08 May Reply

    KSB has indeed lost a wonderful Physician, Co-Worker and Friend. Dr. Khan touched so many of our lives and the stories of how he did this are heartwarming. As I reflect on this sad situation, I think to myself "How lucky are we to work in a field where people make such huge differences every single day in the lives of people?" Dr. Khan made a difference and we are learning just how much of a difference through the stories so many are sharing. As we grieve, I think we should all remember that each of us contributes to the patients care by either providing direct care or by providing the support the caregivers need to do their job. Dr. Khan made a difference to each of us, his patients and the community as a whole. So, as we reflect on his life, we should also reflect on our own and know that we also make a difference. Dr. Khan’s legacy will never be forgotten and his work ethic, caring ways and compassion for others should be an example for all. I think we all feel honored to have known him and to have been a part of his life no matter how big or small.

  • Laura Collins
    Posted at 01:08h, 09 May Reply

    Right on Teresa! There is not a better example of loving kindness than Dr. Khan. What a privelidge to know him. He will live on in our hearts.

  • ckb
    Posted at 01:16h, 09 May Reply

    I worked and doctored with Dr. Khan. This is such a horrible accident. Such a terrible loss. A wonderful man. A compassionate individual. A man who would travel for medical missions. Knowledgable, up to date on medical information. Our prayers to his family.

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