High Performers Recognized at Luncheon

Administrative Staff held a Recognition Luncheon Monday in the Private Dining Room for two groups of employees: the top 10 employees named by patients in satisfaction surveys over the past year, and the panel of employees who served on the Accountability Task Force.

The Arbor Survey Top 10 employees are Dr. Robb Rydzynski, Scott Hickey, Stacy Shoemaker, Karen Swafford, Amanda Hicks, Mike Sarno, Crystal Good, Brandie Miller, Joy Powers and Corinne Zimmerman
The Accountability Task Force superstars are Katie Van Stedum, Sandy Dennis, Val Pfoutz, Teresa Gibson, Dave Ginn, Karen Suik, Mary Ramos, Lori Baratta, and group leader Suzanne Ravlin.

Talking to folks in this group was a big reminder of what makes KSB Hospital such a special place. When we asked them why they went above and beyond so often, we heard things like, “My parents raised me to always go the extra mile” and “Taking care of patients is the reason I got into this field to begin with.”

That’s a perfect connection to our Mission. We’re not here just to give medication, write a report, fluff a pillow, or perform a procedure. We’re here to help people lead happy, healthy lives. And that means doing whatever it takes to ensure our patients receive the best care possible.

Here’s what we asked of these top performers: 
     1. What do you consistently do that drives patients to specifically remember how you changed their experience at KSB Hospital? 
     2. What specific activities do you regularly perform that improves your work environment?
     3. What is it about your performance that caused Suzanne to choose you from a list of 1000+ employees to participate on her task force?

Give some thought to how you’d respond to these questions–and share your feedback as a comment here. We each have a mission, and together we can make a profound difference.

– Dave
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