“She was in the best of hands.”

We hear stories all the time from satisfied patients and families, and these stories have special significance when they’re from one of our own. Mary Mahan-Deatherage shared this with me following a recent experience with her mother.

– Dave

My family would like to thank all the skilled professionals who cared for my mother, Laura Mahan, recently. A very traumatic experience turned out to be a life saving miracle. 
From the emergency medical services that were at our house within minutes, to the team that met us at the ED door, the process was swift, efficient and instilled confidence that she was in the best of hands. 
During her stay here, she had excellent care from the KSB staff especially Rose Moss, Trisha Shuck, Shiovahn Koenen, Lupe Rhoads, Stephanie Schreiner, Sue Downs and so many more. We don’t want to leave anyone out because you all do a great job of representing KSB and utilizing the AIDET system, but especially in relieving anxiety in our family and my mother. 
We want to especially thank Dr. Gehlbach for his foresight in recognizing symptoms that aren’t typically seen at KSB and having the professional confidence to push for a definite diagnosis. He and Dr. Alfaris were an amazing team who recognized that in order to save my mother’s life she needed to be transferred to another facility. 
My 85-year-old mother was transferred to Rockford and then on to Madison in the same day. She is now home with us and recovering remarkably. We are grateful for the care she received here and she would like you to know that you are in her daily prayers. 
Mary Mahan-Deatherage
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
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