“Great staff and services at KSB”

We received this letter from an appreciative patient. Part of our mission says we’re here to restore health–to help people get back to their lives. Special thank you to the podiatry and physical therapy staff who helped this patient get back to his running routine.
– Dave

To whom it may concern:

A year ago I had a severe ankle sprain. When the healing never quite made it and I still had pain I went to see Dr Gumbiner. After an examination he suggested I try physical therapy. I was very reluctant due to the pain and strain I had. And I figured that this would never help. Over the course of about 4 weeks I was working with Dan, and Sara. Both were filling in for a maternity leave. Dan was from Iowa, and Sara was from everywhere! They were very helpful and very pleasant to work with. After many weeks of their service I am back to running miles pain free! So I would hope that this letter will make to the head of physical therapy to let them know that they have a great staff and services at KSB. And a shout out to Dr. Gumbiner who referred me to them. 

Thank you very much and have a great day!! 

PS – I can see why your KSB jingle is true. It is the people at KSB!

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