Mythbusters: Suggest a Topic

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As you’ve seen on posters and around timeclocks, the July Employee Forums will have a Mythbusters theme during which we’ll address some of the frequently asked questions and popular misconceptions about KSB Hospital.

With a struggling economy, a changing healthcare industry, ongoing technological advances, and an evolving community, rumors and speculation have a way of creeping in to everyday conversation.

We’re committed to honest, transparent communication across the organization, and that’s just what we hope to achieve in the upcoming Employee Forums.  We need your input to ensure we can address the questions that are on your mind.

What rumors have you heard from co-workers? What questions do you have about the organization? Share them in the comments below and we’ll work to address the big issues at the forums.

– Dave

3 Comments on “Mythbusters: Suggest a Topic”

  1. Since KSB is no longer recycling plastic containers would it be prudent to discontinue using plastic water bottles except for emergencies? As an alternative could you locate some of the water machines similar to the one in the cafeteria? I believe that not only would this be a savings for the hospital but better for the environment as well.

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