Suzanne Ravlin Visits Military Base

Suzanne Ravlin, Director of Human Resources, recently represented KSB Hospital on a trip to Camp Riley, Minnesota, as a part of an outreach effort to employers of ROTC soldiers. Our own Karli Fitzsimmons of the Emergency Department is stationed at Camp Riley. Below is Suzanne’s account of her interesting trip. And a special thank you to all KSB employees who serve in our armed forces!

– Dave

Suzanne Ravlin (Director of Human Resources)

What an incredible and enlightening experience. I had the privilege to experience a day in the life of an ROTC. The event was held at Camp Riley, MN. All ROTC Illinois members were present at the camp for three weeks of intensive training. The day started on a C-130 airplane and never slowed down from there. We were able to experience a real life mission. We went from the helicopter, to the ground, to the tanks, all in order to complete the mission. I met so many soldiers who have connections to the KSB community. I even got to see a lot of the Minnesota state bird–the mosquito. Not really, but there were a lot of them! The soldiers were so open with our group and answered any questions we had. They were able to provide a day I will never forget. 
The most amazing part of it was recognizing all the work that is done and performed and this is not the majority of the soldier’s full time job. For example, KSB is proud to have Karli Fitzsimmons working in our Emergency Department. Karli and I were never able to meet up that day with all the traveling around the campsite and due to Karli teaching the soldiers Medical Life Saving classes. However, many soldiers knew Karli and spoke so highly of her, which was great to hear. We all are proud of her work and the difference she makes here at KSB, and for our community and our country. I am grateful for the experience but most grateful to live in this country, where people make sacrifices and fight for a mission greater than I can imagine. 
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