Bobcat Caught on Camera

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Sometimes the most interesting photos are captured entirely by chance. Tim Broos, 57, is an avid outdoorsman and hunter when he’s not working as our Chief Information Officer.

A motion-activated camera he strategically placed in a meadow alongside the Kyte River just outside Rochelle captured this impressive photo of an adult bobcat (lynx rufus).

I thought it’d make for an interesting photo on this sunny Friday afternoon.

4 Comments on “Bobcat Caught on Camera”

  1. Great picture, Tim. If the Bobcat was photo was captured by chance, I am curious what you were hoping to capture with this strategically placed camera.

  2. Tim, that wild animal is just to close to my home in Rochelle, but what a beautiful photo!

    I don't think I'll share with my grand daughters. They will never go outside and play again.

    Thank you for sharing.


  3. Very cool. Reports of DNR releasing wolves a cpl of yrs ago in northern Ill. / sightings of cougars… very interesting. WI tags their wolves w/radio's and you can go online to see where their radio frequency is transmitting.

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