“Thank you for your wonderful staff and doctors on 4th Floor”

Every day many of you deal with unique and unpredictable clinical situations. We received this letter from a patient describing how she went from visitor to patient and had an excellent experience in both settings. Thank you to all who bring professionalism and compassion to the unique challenges that arise each day.
– Dave
To the administration at KSB Hospital: 
I know people are always ready to write a letter to complain about their time at the hospital and too many times the good parts are never told so this is the reason for this letter. 
On Friday, July 13, my husband was taken to the hospital by ambulance after great treatment in the ER he was admitted to the 4th floor and was lucky enough to get one of your wonderful new remodeled rooms. The nursing staff on that floor went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and totally informed about what was going on. Close to supper time Dr. Alfaris came in and introduced himself as the “hospitalist” doctor. My first thought was that I didn’t want some doctor who didn’t know my husband’s problems to try to treat him. (My husband has major medical problems, congestive heart disease, terminal cancer, afib, svts to name a few and he is 76 years old to boot) Anyway this young doctor was very concerning and I think he could tell I wasn’t too fond of the situation. I think what really impressed me was he never rushed about anything, answered all my questions and by the time he left I was very happy we had him. My husband was in till Monday the 16th and was discharged by Dr. Homman, who again proved me wrong about hospitalists.
Then on Sunday July 22 I had to take my husband to the ER again. Again he was admitted to the 4th floor, this time at the other end of the hall so we had some different and some of the same nurses and CNAs that we had the week before. So concerned we were there again, many came down to see why we were there. Always ready to make us comfortable and attend to our needs. What was really great was Dr. Alfaris again was on call. Again taking time to answer questions and making sure we were informed and comfortable before he left. Well I visited my husband every day and evening and on Tuesday morning upon coming to the hospital to see him I was very short of breath, so I told him I was going to the ER to check it out. I went to the nurses’ station and it was morning shift change, so I told Brad, his nurse, that I would be back and that I was going to the ER, he asked if I was ok and I told him I was short of breath. They had a wheel chair there and took my vitals and took me down to the ER, telling me they would keep my husband informed so he wouldn’t worry. 
After a chest xray, ekg, and blood work the ER doctor (and forgive me I forget her name but it started with a Z) told me she wanted one more test …a CT to test for blood clots. I didn’t think it would be that because my only symptom was shortness of breath when I walked. Well I thank the good Lord she did that test. I had a double pulmonary embolism; both lungs had huge blood clots in them. Now I was going to be admitted, I was so upset I told them I couldn’t be because my husband needed a lot of care and he was in the hospital. They told me he would be informed and they would take extra care with him. At this same time I had no way of knowing that Dr. Alfaris was in my husband’s room and my husband informed doctor that I was ER and needed to know if I was alright. Dr. Alfaris told him he would be treating me also, my husband told him to take good care of me because I was his caretaker. Dr. Alfaris assured him he would and as soon as I got in my room he would see that my husband was wheeled over to see me, which he did. Now being his patient instead of just the spouse of a patient, I got to see first hand the great bedside manner and concern this doctor had. He made sure that we were informed on each other conditions and told the nurse we could visit each other. 
We have doctors in Iowa City, Quad Cites and Sterling that treat my husband but none come close to the total package that you have in Dr. Alfaris. He sure changed our minds about hospitalist doctors. I wanted you to know that you have one gem of doctor there!!!  
A stay at the hospital that could have been a nightmare for us turned out good thanks to the great people on 4th floor. 
One more note for this story that seems unbelievable, my daughter who is a nurse and worked with Dr. Alfaris during his residency was on vacation in California and was in a panic when she found out I had a double PE, she was ready to fly home on Tuesday instead taking the flight she had on Thursday, again Dr Alfaris went above and beyond and called her telling my condition and informing her I was in very stable condition and she should not cut her vacation short. He also said to call him anytime if she had any questions. Being a nurse and knowing the seriousness of my clots this was a comfort to her. He told me when she came to see me on Friday he wanted paged so he could come talk to her, which he did and explained everything. 
I know this letter is long but I wanted the doctor and the staff recognized. I am sorry I can’t remember all their names but a few that stick in our minds are: Cyndi and Sarah the RNs and Colleen, Andre and Jeff the CNAs. They seem to always hear the negatives and we certainly had none. 
Thank you for reading this letter and thank you for your wonderful staff and doctors on 4th floor.
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  • Barb Stockton
    Posted at 15:59h, 07 December Reply

    Thank you Administrative Staff,Board of Directors,Marketing Department,Human Resources, IT Department,and anyone else who contributed to the Employee Meetings. How entertaining and meaningul each presentation was. It's clear that much thought, time, caring, and dedication went into each one. The spirit of team work was "undeniable", and I am proud to serve KSB and all that she stands for. I wouldn't have missed a minute of it and I hope that anyone who went in "luke warm", came out energized and ready to contribute to making KSB the best place for employees to work, the best place for care givers to provide care, and the most caring and compassionate hospital for all who enter our doors. KSB is a "gift" to all of us, and we must pay forward what we have been given, by caring, loving and healing every person. After all, that's the reason we are here! Go team!

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