“All of you work together in a team effort…”

Below is a letter I receieved from a satisfied patient who noticed the teamwork of our nursing staff. The kindness and compassion you showed him helped heal him and brighten his outlook. Thank you for all you do.

– Dave

KSB 4 & 3 Floor RN’s, LPN’s & Personnel: 

Words and adjectives become trite in adequately expressing the sense of peace, trust, and gratitude I experienced during my recent illness under your skilled and knowledgeable care. 

All of you work together in a team effort – no apparent petty jealousies – you do many tasks cheerfully that perhaps are not your responsibilities. You treat your patients with dignity and respect. You encourage your patient when they feel in the depths of despair and give them hope that their condition will improve. 

I am certain that the KSB Hospital management staff consider all of you of intrinsic value to their continued success. 

But most important of all is that I know that you are pleasing Jesus Our Savior and Redeemer, by your daily acts of compassion, care and love that you endow on your patients. 

Thank you,
Elwood H. Koch
P.S. The 88 year old Culver’s Crew Member

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