Why Health IT Matters

If you’ve noticed an extra good mood among the IS staff this week, it may be because we’re celebrating National Health Information Technology Week here at KSB Hospital. The Information Systems, Clinical Information Systems, and Communications teams had some fun and put on a few contests this week as a part of Health IT week. 
With the ongoing challenges of maintaining mission-critical computer systems and implementing modern healthcare software systems, the IS, CIS, and Communications crews certainly deserves some recognition and thanks!
Dave Ginn invited a few people to share their thoughts on why Health IT matters in our mission and our strategic plan for years to come. Here are their thoughts:

Dave Schreiner, President/CEO

I had a wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in hospital IT at the recent Siemens conference in Baltimore. The meetings had a significant impact on the way I look at where KSB Hospital is in the development of our electronic medical record. Our family culture promotes great independence for our physicians, nurses, and ancillary personnel. In order for us to continue our progress from good to great we all have to be willing to be open-minded about changing the way we do our work.
I’m extremely proud of our IT staff and the important work they perform every day to make KSB Hospital the best place for patients to receive care the best place for physicians practice medicine and the best place for employees to work. I’m excited about eSOAR and the changes that lie ahead.

Linda Clemen, VP/Chief Nursing Officer

IT is an integral support team to the clinical areas especially as we move into a hospital wide enterprise system this year. We appreciate that the clinical areas are leading the project and the IT folks are in a supportive role focusing on how the system can help the flow for the clinical staff as well as patient safety. eSOAR will have a great impact on improving the safety of our patients with bar code scanning of patients prior to administering medications and work flow engines built behind the scenes reminding clinical staff on the documentation regulatory requirements.
We are looking forward to the integration of the ED to inpatient units which will improve our medication reconciliation process and decrease the duplicate questions we ask our patients. The patient’s anxiety level will decrease when they realize their health care team is truly all on the same page.
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