Q&A: Strategic Plan Employee Forums

Thank you to the nearly 400 employees who attended a forum last week. I hope you heard some interesting and applicable information about the Strategic Plan. As promised, below are some of the questions asked during the forum, in case the question wasn’t asked during the forum you attended.

– Dave

Q – Is the eSOAR system Windows, DOS or AS400 based?
A – Tim Broos explained that eSOAR is a Windows based product that is hosted in the cloud with some data also stored locally on KSB servers.

Q – What happens in our cafeteria at the end of the day with the left over food? Could it possibly be donated to PADS?
A – Since this question could not be answered during the forum, we asked Linda Setchell to respond. She explained that it depends on type of food – some can no longer be used, for health or quality reasons, such as soggy vegetables. All other foods are recycled and reused for other meals.

Q – At Commerce Towers, can the Lab be moved to the 1st Floor? There are many issues with having the Lab on the 2nd Floor with registering and a place to wait.
A – Tim Broos and Kathy Smith will be looking into this.

Q – A patient went to the hospital for lab work and was told they would perform the test, however, in the future they should go to CT or TSC. What is going on?
A – Tim Broos explained that we are trying to get the patients out of the hospital and back to the clinics where there are more lab techs and more space available. However, if someone needs labs at 7 a.m., theycould come to the hospital as the clinics are not open. He explained that more information would be provided to the KSB Medical Group soon.

Q – When looking at all the offices in the KSBMG, will they be evaluated to see what they can do better rather than have changes made such as a reduction in staff?
A – Kevin Marx explained that yes, the management group will become involved and work with the staff in each individual office. This will be a team approach.

Q – November 15 is the day KSB becomes a tobacco-free campus. Can employees and visitors smoke in their cars?
A – No, the tobacco-free campus applies to anything on KSB property.

Q – Commerce Towers continues to get busier. The valet is there but more parking is needed.
A – Kevin Marx explained that the valets can help with the parking and to remember the Ford lot is available along with the parking garage across the street.

Q – Any word on pediatricians.
A – Kevin Marx said there is an offer out but no word yet.

Q – Any other recruiting activity?
A – Kevin Marx discussed how Dr. Raven is moving more toward the Residency Program and we are looking at pain management, endocrinology and eye/vision services. Dave said there would be more details at the December Employee Meetings.

Q – How will Obamacare affect us at KSB?
A – Dave explained that more people will have access to healthcare. However, the challenge is reimbursement rates will go down even further.

Q – What can we do to retain employees and keep up the success we have had in the past?
A – Dave explained that there are number of things we can do such as promoting continuing education, emphasizing accountability, rewarding high performers and building a team atmosphere.

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    Thank you for making KSB a smoke free environment 🙂

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