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Yesterday we held another Meals with the Administrators discussion and some of your colleagues asked about workplace security. While security measures can’t prevent every crisis, we can take common-sense steps toward a safer environment. Here’s what we’re doing to make KSB a safe place for employees and patients:

We have a Code Atlas procedure that allows any employee inside the main hospital building to request help with an angry or agitated person by dialing ‘1234’ to reach the switchboard via an emergency line. An overhead page is then called and trained staff will respond immediately.

If there is an active shooter or another indication of grave danger, you should dial 911. When you dial 911 from a hospital phone, the switchboard will be alerted that you’ve called and they’ll work to respond to the situation within the hospital.

If you’re in a KSB facility other than the main hospital and you feel threatened or in danger, you should call 911 and request the police.

Aaron Fox and Doug Sears are developing a Code Silver policy, in consultation with the Dixon Police Department, to deal with an active shooter. The policy includes a procedure to alert employees and initiate a facility lockdown, and is built on best practices from hospitals, schools and other large facilities.

The Dixon Police Department has toured KSB Hospital to become familiar with the building layout. Hospital doors were numbered to help personnel know where to respond in an emergency.

In January, you’ll be educated on the lockdown policy and we’ll conduct drills to ensure we know how to best implement the lockdown.

We also improve security by limiting access. After normal business hours, the only public entry is through the Emergency Department. Visitors and guests must check in and be given a badge before entering the hospital.

Part of the job duties of our Plant Operations staff is physical security. They’ve been trained to help diffuse tense situations and to know when to call the police department. A plant operations staff member is on-site at the main hospital 24/7.

We have other security proposals, including reevaluating after-hours security policies, hiring on-site security staff, and emergency alert and communication plans. The Safety Committee will evaluate these plans for effectiveness and cost and present findings to Administration.

  • Michael Sarno
    Posted at 15:43h, 19 December Reply

    I want to Thank KSB for reassessing these safety procedures and updating these in collaboration with Dixon PD. The events that have occurred in several locations involving gun violence are horific and is difficulty to imagine in our wonderful community. However, the uncertain creates uneasiness and the possiblility of this happening is always a threat. It helps to know the organization is doing everything possible to help keep us safe. Thanks for all you do!!!

  • JD Grant
    Posted at 08:33h, 21 December Reply

    Dave , i just wanted the other staff to know what most 3rd shifters know about me is that we do security sweeps of the hospital and towers thru out the night and we are able to walk anyone to their car if they feel they need it.

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