Q&A: Dave Schreiner Answers Your Questions

Dave Schreiner, President/CEO

Q: How do you think our hospital will be affected by the proposed 28% Medicare cuts? (Destiny Gomez)
A: The reimbursement cuts we expect from governmental as well as private payors will be a challenge for KSB. We are confident in our strategic plan and the emphasis on bending the cost curve and looking for operational improvements that maintain quality along with patient and employee satisfaction at the same time we remove steps and minimize disposable costs.  It will take all of us to harvest creative ideas and have the courage to implement them.
Q: Have we considered joining the fight to establish an indoor athletic center in the Dixon area? KSB is the largest employer in the area it would look fantastic to sponsor or assist in the developement of this project. (Brandie Miller)
A: Aaron Fox and I, along with our board chairman Rick Curia were heavily involved with the failed effort last November and expect to be on board once again in the spring.  This center aligns with our mission to improve community health, and I feel strongly about the importance of educating voters and respecting their decisions.
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