Q&A: Deb Didier Answers Your Questions

Q: What is being done to ensure physician orders are in accordance with new reimbursement rates and requirements?

A: KSB is finding that physician documentation is the true foundation for evidencing patient care and today’s reimbursement model is more tied to that evidence. Physician documentation must demonstrate the intensity of service and treatment to each patient because this ensures that a corresponding ICD-9 code be appropriately included on the bill. Coding is the direct link to reimbursement and since mandated coding guidelines state that coding only be derived from physician documentation, physician documentation equates to reimbursement.

The HIMS director has worked with our CMO, and they agree that education on complete, daily physician documentation is necessary. Plans to complete this education have been outlined for an upcoming medical staff meeting.

Q: What should a patient do when they need help going from registration to their designated office? I had a patient recently who walked with a wheelchair up to our office because there was no one who could push her. Can the office be called so we can come help her? or is there someone who can be called for assistance? (Tasha Garcia)

There are 3 things that happen in Commerce Towers
   The registrar will push the patient in the wheelchair to the office if there is another registrar at the desk.
   The valet will sometimes take a patient to an office, again, if there is another valet to watch the door.
   The registrar will call an office to get assistance if no one is available to help the patient.

Q: What are some of the solutions that KSB has come up with as to how to lower the budget costs? That was a question we were asked to help figure out and I would like to know if any of them have helped 🙂 (Billie Jo Lauritzen)

We’ve taken a number of steps to successfully reduce our expense budget, including eliminating food at non-meal meetings, receiving incentive payments through Meaningful Use physician attestation, reorganizing the Guaranteed Services department, restructuring the Gift Shop, reducing community donations & spending on floral arrangements.

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