Q&A: Julie Mann Answers Your Questions

Q: With all of the talk of budget cuts, how does that affect our current construction and renovation plans? (Trese McNinch) 

A: We understand that we need to make sure our facilities and equipment are in good working order so that we can continue to be the best place for our patients to receive care. As a result, Administration continues to review those projects and take appropriate action. As mentioned at the Employee Meetings, we are working with our Architects to develop a Master Site Plan in order to make the location of services patient centered.
Q: Are we getting any responses from 1-800 doctors line? (Diane Poggensee)
A: Yes, we get monthly reports from 1-800-DOCTORS that show the number of calls, the towns from which the calls came, and the length of the conversation. In October and November, we had just over 30 calls per month. In December, we had about 50 calls. We hope to continue to grow this service through billboard and other marketing initiatives. We could use your help too! Share this number with patients and friends who need a physician.
Q: Is the hospital in a position to offer a Christmas or Holiday bonus to eligible employees this year? (Sheri Hager)
A: No, we currently do not offer Holiday bonuses.
Q: I understand the No Smoking Policy. However since it has went into effect there has been an increase in cigarette buds in the parking lots,walk ways, and landscaping. Would it be possible to still have the cigarette disposals? (Doris Helander)
A: Yes, Plant Operations will evaluate and determine where to strategically place the cigarette disposals.
Q: Could we get the window decals that go on the car windows? This would show employee support and help advertise the hospital. (Allison)
A: Thanks for the suggestion, however, we do not have a plan to get decals at this time.
Q: Have we had any feedback regarding our new smoke free campus from our patients? (Hillary Johnson)
A: I have not received any feedback from the patients. This transition has gone extremely well.
Q: The number of inservices and mandatory trainings have increased (which I am all for education) however, could healthstream or staff meetings be utilized more frequently to avoid paying the extra salaries for these trainings? (Bray)
A: Yes, we will continue to utilize the health stream system as much as possible for inservices and mandatory training.
Q: Is there any way that we could have some sort of lunch ticket system that we could put money onto a card and just swipe it in the cafeteria instead of having to use cash/checks? (Alicia Carlson)
A: We are evaluating a different register for the cafeteria that will allow people to credit cards. Look for more information in the future.
Q: Are there any plans on putting a debit card system in the cafeteria? I have been in line behind patients/visitors many times when they would like to pay with a debit card and instead are told somewhat confusing directions on where to locate an atm when they already have their tray full of food. (Catherine Dambman)
A: We are evaluating a different register for the cafeteria that will allow people to credit cards. Look for more information in the future. We are evaluating the capability of whether or not Debit cards can be used.
Q: If a debit card machine is not in the near future for the cafeteria could we possibly have an ATM machine installed in the cafeteia area. More ueful for patients and would avoid directions to the ER entrance area. (Billie Jo Lauritzen)
A: See above answer.
Q: As a known employee of KSB, I was approached at a youth basketball game and was asked if KSB was laying people off? I was in shock at the question that was asked and unable to answer. Is there any truth to the town gossip of Layoffs? (Carol Jimenez)
A: As indicated in the Employee Meetings, we do not have any plans for layoffs. As Dave Schreiner communicated, we all need to work hard to help the hospital meets its goals. 
Q: With all the changes that occurred over the last several months I was wondering if the next commercial we have for TV could emphasize these changes, like the no smoking policy now in effect and the new regisatration areas, Commerce Towers and the new day surgery area. They are also beautiful and could be used to shoot the commercial. (Billie Jo Lauritzen)
A: Marketing is working on commercials that will profile why people would want to come to KSB for their healthcare needs. We will continue to market the services that we provide, with Orthopedics in mind for the next commercial. Having a newly remodeled registration area has certainly improved in our processes and there have been Open House opportunities for the public to see our improvements.
Q: Are we going to be instructed on how to deal with visitors smoking on the premises? (Stacy Dillard)
A: Tobacco-free cards were provided to Directors along with a Power point that explains how to best handle people who are unaware that we are Tobacco-free. Please talk to your Director for more assistance.
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