Q&A: Kevin Marx Answers Your Questions

Kevin Marx, VP/Chief Practice Officer

Q: With Dr. Khan’s passing I assumed that a new physician would be recruited to take over his practice, but have not heard anything about this. I don’t believe anyone could fill Dr. Khan’s place in the same way he did but still are there plans to replace him? Are the other doctors there simply taking on ALL of his patients? And are there any plans to change the signage at Edwards? I believe the signs still have Dr. Khan’s name on them. (Laura Ross)

A: Dr. Khan’s passing was a great loss to his family, his patients, fellow KSB staff members and the community at large. In the aftermath of this tragedy, the physicians at Edward Clinic, and throughout the KSB Medical Group network, reached out to Dr. Khan’s patients and absorbed the vast majority into their established practices. After some time passed, we looked at the distribution of his former patients, along with our ability to continue to accept new primary care patients, and decided not to recruit additional primary care resources at this time. We will continue though to monitor the work load of our family and internal medicine physicians in order to identify access concerns or other signs of a shortage in physician capacity. In terms of the Edwards Clinic sign, we chose to leave Dr. Khan’s name displayed as we transitioned patients to other practitioners. A new sign is now in place at the Clinic.
Q: Any word on a replacement for either Dr Khan at Edwards Clinic or Dr Sayana at Town Square? (Krista Hobbs)
A: We have been working to recruit a new pediatrician to our Town Square Centre location for some time. The good news is that we are very close to signing a contract with a practicing physician to start work in Dixon in early summer. We hope to be able to release details about this practitioner within the next few weeks. Dr. Sayana will be returning to the office in early February to assist Dr. Rivera and the new pediatrician on a part time basis.
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