Q&A: Linda Clemen Answers Your Questions

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Q: What is going on with the Cath lab? Why don’t we have coverage when Drs. Hanif and ElBzour areon call. It is frustrating to have coverage when you leave in the morning only to find out at 1900 there is no cath lab. (Kathy Keller)

A: There is now 24/7 coverage for the Lab whenever Elbzour or Hanif are on call. If it is Iyer’s week to be on call there is no Stemi coverage after hours as an “Interventional Cardiologist” is not on call. It is no longer an issue of not having “staff” to cover, just the Physician call rotation.

Q: What is the status of the cardiac cath lab for full-time coverage. It is confusing in the evenings and night for ambulance services and ED to know direction for cardiac care? If we are not going to have the service available 24/7 could there be a communication method developed to make ambulance services aware? (Kathy Keller)

A: Communication to ambulances is done on a case by case basis when the ambulance calls in with a STEMI patient. In the Emergency Department, we post whether we have Cath Lab coverage or not. If we do not, the ambulance is diverted to the nearest hospital with cath lab coverage.

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