Q&A: Tim Broos Answers Your Questions

As promised, the questions you asked on The Pulse prior to the Employee Meetings have been answered by members of the administrative team. Below is the first in a series of answers to your important questions.
Tim Broos, VP/Chief Information Officer

Q: The commerce towers lab has had some excitement over this last month with patients passing out we have been talking with the supervisors about getting a panic button. At times there may be only one of us in there in the event this happens what is the suggestion for the techs as we certainly can not leave our patients to go get a nurse? (Amy James)
A: Following up on your suggestions, we installed a panic button.  The button rings in the Surgery Suite and one of the staff would come to the lab to assist. The job is complete and the button is operational.
Q: Are there any plans to upgrade the cell phone service at Town Square Centre? There is no coverage in the basement level and it is limited on the 1st floor. I know it is frustrating for the physicians when they are in the clinic and they get a phone call from another physician or a patient and then have to run outside to answer it. Sometimes the calls don’t even go through for those on the 1st floor. (Melanie Rick)
A: We certainly know about this and have investigated it, but the answer is that it is too costly and we have passed on it.  We looked at possible solutions a couple of times in the past and the price tag has been too high.  We would have to run cables inside TSC to boost the cellular signal and the cellular companies are very particular about this and would need to approve the scheme.
Q: Switchboard gets a large amount of call backs from people who have received calls that show up as our main number on their caller ID but no message has been left. This makes it very difficult for the operators to try and help the caller figure out who might have tried to contact them. Would it be possible for the person from our facility calling to leave a name and an ext number? This would not only be helpful to the patients but also the offices trying to contact the patients. (Penny Calsyn)
A: We have asked that staff, when calling out, not just hang up if their party is not reached and instead leave a message.  Also, outgoing calls will be encouraged to be made from a Direct Inward Dial (DID) number, where that is the number that would be left on the phone.
Q: Does switchboard have a better way of telling us what doctors are on call? Sometimes we call and talk to one person and we dont hear back from a MD so we ask to have them paged and then they tell us they aren’t on call or the MD calls back and says they are not on call that another MD is. This slows down the process of patient care sometimes. (Danielle Olalde)
A: This is a tough one. It’s difficult to keep so many people up-to-date on a changing schedule.  Will work again with the Medical Group to improve the communication when the schedule changes.  We will bring it up again at the Medical Group Managers Meeting.

  • Barb Stockton
    Posted at 20:33h, 04 January Reply

    Hi,I agree with Tim's response to the question about the switchboard having a better way of communicating who is "on call". The Medical Staff bylaws do state that it is the responsibility of the providers to communicate any changes to the call schedules, to the Switchboard and the Emergency Department. Unless that communication happens promptly, every time, then it is impossible for the switchboard to know who is "on call". Physician schedules and activities change frequently, sometimes hour-by-hour, and it can be challenging to track. As Tim stated, better communication of changes to the call schedule will be encouraged at the Medical Group meetings. In addition, the Medical Staff Office will also communicate any changes they learn of, to the Switchboard and ED promptly, in order to better serve our patients and minimize communication concerns for the care givers.

  • Risha
    Posted at 07:55h, 15 May Reply

    Cellular reception in town square is an issue. And switchboard needs to know how to contact providers if the building does not let calls get in.

  • Risha
    Posted at 07:56h, 15 May Reply

    Tsc cell issue needs to be a priority.

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