Social Media & Our Workplace

We’ve had some discussions here recently about social media, a continually-growing presence in many peoples lives. I invited Julie Mann to share some thoughts on social media and how it relates to our workplace.
– Dave

Julie Mann, VP/Chief Administrative Officer

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season. What a great time of the year to see photos of the family and friends as they celebrate! Social Media has become a tool that allows people to stay connected to each whether they live far apart or just down the street. I loved seeing photos of my family that I could not celebrate with in person. 

Of course, there have been some posts when perhaps I thought “TMI” (too much information)! Sometimes it is a balancing act to share relevant information that I want people to know. As employees in the hospital setting, we have to take care to make sure that when we use social media websites, that the views we express are our own. 
We must understand that we can be held personally liable for defamatory, proprietary or libelous comments. And the information we provide does not violate any KSB policies. Patients and co-workers trust us to keep information confidential and we cannot violate that trust. 
So if you use social media as a means to stay connected, use it responsibly and enjoy!
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