What’s your sentence?

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Most of us have heard of the term “Elevator Speech”. It suggests that all of us should be able to describe to a stranger what we do in the time it takes for an elevator to go from the first to fourth floor.

Daniel Pink, author of DRIVE, suggests that we should all be able to answer the question “What’s Your Sentence”? What one sentence describes most accurately who you are?

“A nurse that cares deeply about reducing anxiety for my patients and their families.”

“A housekeeper that creates an environment that allows our patients to heal more quickly.”

“A patient account representative that makes sure every bill is accurate every time, leading to a fair transaction between the patient and our organization.”

My sentence is a work in progress, and here’s its current version:

I motivate those around me ( family, friends, co-workers) to maximize their full potential.

What’s your sentence? Call me at ext. 5501 or email me at dschreiner@ksbhospital.com. If you plan to email me do it soon. I’ll share my recent epiphany in my next post.

– Dave

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