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We recently received complete 2012 Patient Expectation data from our survey vendor, Arbor Associates, Inc.  There is some VERY exciting information included that I can’t wait to share with you.

Here’s how you compare in 2012 to prior years for OVERALL SATISFACTION

2012     95.1
2011     95.1
2010     95.3
2009     95.0
2008     93.2

This should give us a reasonable shot at once again being recognized as among the Top 5% in the country.  The threat is that even though we continue to perform at a high level the rest of the universe is improving as well.  Congratulations on a great year!
Here’s the question that really gets me excited:
Thinking of this experience, would you say that overall your care and treatment were better than expected, as expected, or worse than expected?
And the survey says… 50.9% rate your care as better than expected! The best year prior to 2012 for us was 2010 when we scored 47.7.  If we go all the way back to 1999 our score was 27.1!!!
Stay with me here.  Let’s break this down a bit more.  The following KSB departments achieved benchmark status… they were the highest of all hospitals in the Arbor survey group in the Better than Expected category:
Home Care 
Emergency Department
Day Surgery
Diagnostic Imaging
Special recognition goes to our team in the Emergency Department.  45.3% of patients surveyed rate their care as better than expected.  The Arbor benchmark is just above that figure at 45.8%.  This represents a 10 percentage point increase over two years and a 25.3% increase when compared to our low mark set in 1999 at 20%.  Congratulations to Dr. Gould and Sue Prosch! 
One of the cornerstones of our strategic plan is to embrace patient-centered care models and promote a just culture.  I’m incredibly proud of all of you.  Because of you we are making progress towards our goal of becoming a Top 100 hospital and remaining the Best Place for Patients to Receive Care.
– Dave

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