The Next Employee Survey

Some of you have asked if you’ll have an opportunity to complete
an employee survey in 2013.  As you’ve
seen in the past, the employee surveys are one way to provide valuable feedback
to the leadership team and the Board of Directors.  But they’re not the only way. For example, at
the Employee Meetings, you responded to a short survey asking how you feel
about KSB and our direction for the future.

We usually conduct an employee survey every other year, and
our last survey was in 2011.  We know
that 2013 will be a busy year with the adoption of eSOAR, a change that will impact
how most employees do their work.  We
recognize that if we distribute the survey prior to the implementation of eSOAR,
the information about having the tools to do your work may not be
relevant.  If we distribute the survey
after we implement eSOAR, we recognize that many of the staff may not feel
confident enough about the processes to feel that they can answer the
As part of the eSOAR implementation, we want to quickly
identify and take action what you need to do your job well. The traditional
employee survey results would take between 3 and 4 months to get back. We don’t
want to wait that long to identify opportunities to improve.
Therefore, we will be moving the formal Employee Survey to
early 2014, and we’ll look at bringing in a new survey provider to give us
better data for comparisons.  In 2013, we
will continue to use the Employee Forums, The Pulse, the Direct Line,
leadership rounding, and Meals with the Administrators to listen to your
questions and ideas and to act upon them in a timely fashion.
We will have other surveys that employees will have an
opportunity to voice their opinion. 
There is the Patient Safety/Culture Survey which is a standard anonymous
survey tool developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).
We have partnered with the Patient Safety Group to survey our organization and
benchmark our results to:
•           Assess
their patient safety culture.
•           Track changes
in patient safety over time.
•           Evaluate
the impact of patient safety interventions
There will be another survey that nurses will have the
opportunity to participate.  It is a
survey from the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) to seek
out information as to how the RN feels about their practice environment and job
enjoyment.  NDNQI will score it and
compare our nursing workforce with others throughout the nation.
To build the best team possible, we know communication is important
and we value your insight and perspective. 
Thanks for making KSB the best place for patients to receive care,
physicians to practice and employees to work.
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