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It’s an important part of spreading the message of continuing organizational sustainability and progress with our strategic dream (formerly known as the strategic plan… strategic dream is WAY cooler).
I wrote a piece several weeks ago suggesting I was turning off my email.  As you might have noticed… I haven’t. However, I am continuing to work on being present in the moment and suppressing the urge to check my email every 30 seconds.
I’m a work in progress.
My email is still available to you as a way of connecting, as are the Meals with the Administrators, the Employee Forums, The Connection, and even this blog.
Last week I sent a note (yes, using email) to all Management asking them to contact me to arrange a time for me to come to their department and spend time watching what they do:  hearing about high performers, walking through the department, asking for and listening to suggestions on how we might better serve our patients and their families. 
Within 48 hours all but two Directors had scheduled a time for my visit.  I have completed visits with Housekeeping (and scheduled a second visit there) and Chaplain Services.  Edward Clinic and Corporate Health are on the calendar for this week.
So allow me to spread this net a bit further.  If you are willing to have me spend time job shadowing you call Michele or Marjie at extension 5501.  We’ll work together to find a time that works.
I’m looking forward to it.  Keep those emails coming!

– Dave
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  • Risha
    Posted at 08:19h, 15 May Reply

    Ready to job shadow a doc?

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