Letter to the Editor: “100% Complete Satisfaction”

Look no further than today’s newspaper to see how KSB Hospital is thought of by the community. It’s a great testament to the outstanding work that you all do every day. Keep up the great work!
 – Dave

Positives seen in community’s fine hospital

By John and Sue Weitzel, Dixon
With all of the negative news written about our fine city recently, we would like to point out a “positive” in our community. That positive is the doctors and staff of KSB Hospital.
Our experience at KSB Hospital was 100 percent complete satisfaction last month while John was a surgical patient when receiving a knee replacement. After months of knee pain, visits to Dr. Tom Hernandez, and numerous injections, it was necessary to succumb to surgery.
From the onset, the surgeons, Dr. Hernandez, assisted by Dr. Gunderson along with their staff; Dr. Joseph Welty, our primary physician; the fourth-floor nursing staff; and the physical therapists (who as part of the home care program are providing home care physical therapy) – all of these factions working together – have given us an experience exceeding our expectations.
Realizing there are situations when we must take advantage of specialized services in larger hospitals, we have right here in our community blue-ribbon health care, and we are happy to point out this “positive.”
Sauk Valley Media, April 22, 2013
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