Preparing for eSOAR Go Live

All of us knew the inherent risks in converting computer systems. 
As we inch towards “crunch time” the pressure is mounting and the stress
is showing… as we expected.  Our goal is
to introduce a base product on June 1. 
Many members of our team, especially our physicians, are looking for a
fully-developed package.  I certainly understand this and wish we could make it happen.  With the way
the build is done that simply is not possible.
Bear with me for a
short history lesson.  As of this moment
we have a home-grown system that drives our clinical record as well as our
billing system.  The federal government
is requiring that all providers migrate towards an electronic system that
captures individual data.  Our current
system can not meet these requirements.  At
a certain date the federal incentive converts to a payment reduction system.
We need to make the
change now.  We believe in the Siemens
product.  We have a 30-day buffer period
before we hit the federal due date.  That
margin does not allow us to delay implementation.  In consultation with Siemens and Quammen
Consulting we have done a thorough analysis of the option of a one-month delay
and have chosen to stick with the plan.
A project of this
depth shines a favorable light on many individuals that have risen to the
challenge.  All of your Vice Presidents
are working incredibly hard and sharing their optimistic demeanor with our
staff. I am blessed to have every one of them on our senior leader team.  Crystal Southerland has taken on a leadership
role and provided a calm, encouraging message. 
Susan Donnelly and Leslie Mann are diving in and producing great results.
eSOAR will go live
on June 1.  It will get better every day
after that.  Our staff will find new and
creative ways to maximize our efficiency and use of the tool.  That’s what we will do because that is what
our patients and their families need.
We’ve done it since
1897 and we will do it this time.  That’s
what KSB does.
– Dave
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