eSOAR Update: Wednesday Evening

As we move towards the end of the second week of the eSOAR Clinical and Financial system, the newness is wearing off and understandably, excitement and enthusiasm can be replaced with frustration.
I perfectly understand.

The work happening behind the curtain may not be as obvious as we’d like, however it is happening at a fast pace. When users discover something wrong with the system or suggest an improvement, a work ticket is generated. Our team of consultants said we began the week with nearly 500 work tickets. After a lot of hard work, we’ve brought the number of outstanding tickets down to around 200.

Every time a work ticket is completed an improvement, big or small, happens within our organization. You’ve read about some of these successes here on The Pulse, and you’ve seen some of these successes first hand. There are many more out there that you haven’t seen or read about, but that have helped your co-workers in other departments work more efficiently and effectively.
Our strategy now turns to two major categories:
     1) a continued, aggressive effort to seek out problems and get them fixed
     2) user support and education.
We have developed a system of support, including IT professionals, clinical champions, and nurse leaders, for the upcoming weekend of Friday, June 14 through Monday, June 17.  Over the next couple days I will be reaching out to any physician on-call over the weekend to explain the support that will be there for them.
Here’s what you need to know: Starting now, if you have an issue call extension 1164. Your call will then be routed to the person that can best help you. The Help Desk extension you have been using will be routed into the same extension 1164 line.
Thank you for your hard work, positive attitudes and vision of a better, safer environment for our patients.
– Dave
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