ED Teamwork Shows in eSOAR Go Live

How do you implement a change in a department with no predictable census, a wide range of acuity, and around the clock staffing needs? With a lot of teamwork and collaboration.

“The KSB Emergency Department works so well together as a team,” said Director Sue Prosch, “It’s been incredible to see it on display this week.”

The ED was one of the first departments to use the eSOAR system after the midnight go-live. Given the unpredictable and fast-paced nature of the department, the staff had to be ready for any circumstance.

Since the implementation, the ED Team has tackled a handful of key issues:

  • The wall-mounted tracking board was successfully reconfigured to enable staff to see all relevant information on patients.
  • All computer monitors are being replaced with widescreen monitors to allow staff to see more relevant information on a single view.
  • Bridge orders are configured to automatically populate into inpatient charts upon admission.
  • ED Order Sets are in the process of being customized and readily accessible for quick access instead of having to search from among all order sets in the system.
The ED customizations and configurations save time, increase reliability, and improve patient care.

“We’ve started building an eSOAR Update into our Daily Huddle. We go over what has happened since the last shift and what is needed for the next shift,” said Sue.

A very special thank you to the hardworking staff throughout the KSB Team, but especially to the folks in ED who have been leaders in the eSOAR implementation.

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